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In celebration of The Year of the Hawaii - (Ho'Olako), the Hawaiian Civic Political Action Committee of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs will be recognizing and honoring outstanding Hawaiians in Politics. This celebration is to take place from November 1-7 with a series of events, seminars, and formal/informal gatherings highlighting the outstanding contributions made by Hawaiians in the political arena.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Recognize outstanding Hawaiians who have served in political office statewide.

  2. Encourage Hawaiian leadership and participation on issues impacting the Hawaiian community.

  3. Encourage and support among all Hawaiian organizations to join together in harmony (lokahi).

  4. Encourage and support leaders and members of Hawaiian organizations to participate in the political process statewide.

  5. Increase knowledge of the political process through educational workshops and seminars.

To meet the objectives, a series of activities are planned during the first week in November, ending on Saturday, November 7, with the League sponsored "Running To Win" seminar followed by the "Lei Hula Mama" award dinner.

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