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President's Message

The office "open house" was well catered by generous Leaguers and enjoyed by over 35 members who caught up with old friends and made some new ones. We appreciated all the positive comments about the office improvements.

Leagues first involvement in voter registration at the Bishop Museum was an interesting experience. Only one per-son registered in the early hours, but a rush began at the registration table immediately after the media photographers left. The flurry of activity continued until just before the arrival of a representative from the Lieutenant Governor's office, when once again we appeared to be sitting around.

When the need arises, we can always count on League to rally. Four directors and six Leaguers spent three long days putting together a new brochure for "Running To Win" and got it out in record time. Considering the pressures of time and the difficulty in getting proper paper, we bunch of amateurs didn't do too badly. When push comes to shove you can count on League.

We are in dire need of volunteers for various tasks necessary to make "Running To Win" a winner. Those who can help to register guests should call Evelyn Bender at 737-2524, those who want to help with the membership table should call the office, voter registrars should call Jim Koshi at 946-0092, greeters and ushers should call the office and all those of you who have steady hands and keen eyes call the office to help make signs. We only have three weeks before "D-Day", so HELP!!

Arlene Ellis

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