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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

Faced with the onslaught of three vote counts, the program planning general membership meeting, committee meetings on Meeting Basic Human Needs, planning and zoning, participating in the Community Benefit workshop---plus a liberal sprinkling of holidays---and the impending February consensus deadlines, we are being forced to resort to this Voter for much of the preliminary work on the consensus on Meeting Basic Human Needs and action on the Primary Elections in Hawaii.

The Meeting Basic Human Needs National study is a somewhat complicated one involving many facets that need consideration. We have included definitions of terns that are necessary to understand the consensus questions, and hope all Leaguers will study them prior to attending the consensus meeting on Saturday, January 16, 1988. For those of you who sign up for the January meeting, additional information will be provided, either at the December Program Planning meeting or in response to a call to the office. Remember that we have two numbers to the office---531-7448 and 537-6267.

We are handling the consensus on whether there should be a non-partisan primary election for the Board of Education and the question of whether Hawaii should have a Presidential Primary, and if so, would we support one conducted by mail, through this Voter.

We encourage all Leaguers to respond to these consensus questions by adding your comments and voicing any concerns you may have before mailing it in. We hope that by using the write-in process, we may be able to reach all of you and enable greater feedback than that limited by your physical attendance at a specific time and place. Although there is the drawback of not hearing comments made by others and therefore not being able to respond to those thoughts, you do have the advantage of time in which to more aptly phrase those concerns may have.

We are looking forward to a deluge of responses from you. Unfortunately, a cut-off period was not mentioned on pages 7 and 8. The deadline for your responses is December 21, but we welcome them as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to a fruitful meeting on December 12 at the Outrigger Canoe club. This is the time you will have your annual look at our program for the coming year, the time you can applaud or question.

Happy gobble gobble day!

Arlene Ellis

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