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"Running to Win"

Another successful Running To Win, attended by over 100 people at the University of Hawaii, Campus Center. Opening remarks were delivered by Lieutenant Governor Benjamin Cayetano who talked about the sometimes unconventional things he did while running for office. His discussion focused on not only how he ran successfully so many times but also on how he felt his conduct in office helped him maintain credibility with the voters. Whether the voter agreed or disagreed with a position he took he felt it was more important that he be able to explain his reasons for the position and take the time to do it. His words of advice were to understand the values of the people who are voting for you.

The Lieutenant Governor's opening remarks formed the nucleus for the panel discussion which followed. With an outstanding panel composed of Senator Malama Solomon, Representative Reb Bellinger, Candidate Ed Case, Candidate David Rolf, Councilmember Gary Gill, and Board of Education member Francis McMillen, there was much to be learned from the very beginning.

The press coverage of Running To Win was excellent and the Honolulu Advertiser ran a third page article on the panel discussions, and Channel 9 covered the workshop on "Organizing Campaigns" on the 5 o'clock news. All panelists had valuable information to contribute from how many signs to hold to talking to constituents and raising money. Panelists fielded questions from the audience for over an hour on topics too numerous to list here. If you missed "Running To Win" suffice it to say that it was your loss.

In addition to the panel discussion and a presentation from the three political parties just prior to lunch there were afternoon workshops on: Organizing, fundraising, developing an image and finding your constituents. All the workshops were attended by overflow crowds, with standing room only. Thanks to Betty Rogers, the lunch was voted by all to be excellent. All and all it was a fruitful and fun day.

Many, many thanks to Jerry Hess and the other leaguers who planned and participated in this event!

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