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Initiative Forum

Saturday, January 23, 1988
8:30 a.m. to 1:00p.m. (tentative)
State Capitol Auditorium

Sponsored by: the Senate Judiciary Committee, Clayton Hee, Chairman

In conjunction with: The League of Women Voters of Hawaii, The American Association of University Women, Common Cause/Hawaii, The Initiative Committee Hawaii


History and Background of Initiative: Special guest speaker--David D. Schmidt, Founder of the Initiative Resource Center, Washington, D.C.

Initiatives We Have Known: A Panel of citizens who have led or have been deeply involved in initiatives in Hawaii will share their experiences--good and bad.

Film: "Initiative Uses and Abuses" from Common Cause, Calif.

Land Use and Zoning By Initiative: Speakers will discuss this controversial aspect of initiative use,

You can expect a variety of exciting participants at this forum. Many of them will, no doubt, be controversial. The program will include important information on the initiative process and what its implications are for Hawaii.

For information, call Marian Wilkins at 261-0549.

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