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President's Message

We are fast approaching the close of the year 1987. The last general meeting for the year held at the Outrigger Canoe Club on Saturday followed by our last Board meeting on Tuesday was a fitting end of an eventful year.

The planning session included questions on the goals of the Transportation study-whether any positions would be taken on transit, and what future actions if any, are contemplated. Two new studies were presented and discussed by the membership, involving initiative and the rethinking of our City Council position in preparation for the on-coming City Charter review. The Board at its meeting agreed to recommend the initiative as a study to the general membership at the annual meeting in April and to defer discussion on the City Council study until January.

At first glance, the theme of Meeting Basic Human Needs seemed a rather grim topic for our yuletide meeting, but it turned out to be perfect. The question of who should be responsible for food, shelter, health care and the care of small children for the poor while participating in employment education or working (discussed in greater detail in another section of this Voter) brought forth a lively discussion that could have taken more than the hour and a half allotted to it. What better time to address this question than now, when we read in our local papers about holiday dinners being advertised at fifty dollars per person.

The League office will be closed for the holidays until the 4th. Relax, enjoy your holidays and come back ready to attack the new year.

Arlene Ellis

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