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You've done it again! Thanks to all the faithful volunteers who spent from one hour to nine hours per day, we've topped our budgeted goal of $12,000 for 1987-1988 with three months yet to go. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus --- it's Leaguers who give up their Saturdays after working all week, who give up time with their families or other activities to roll up their sleeves and plunge into the fray (sometimes tedious, oftentimes fun).

At this date, we have earned $13,664 with four additional vote counts that are scheduled for March; enough to pay for our new rugs, and some. Pearl Harbor beginning the first week in March has expanded their polling sites to include two days at their Makaloa Street branch. Mililani had added a new location in their second shopping center. Hawaiian Telephone and the Oahu Educational Employees Federal. Credit Union remain the same.

Mahalo again. Time does not permit my calling each of you, but you know where my heart is. Bring a new Leaguer to the next count.

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