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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
People's Water Conference #4
League of Women Voters Presents...
Water for the 21st Century: The Hydrologic Cycle (Martha Black)
Environmental Legislative Network
Initiative Process Conference
Be a Part of the Aloha Voter

The League of Women Voters Presents...

The League's monthly Channel 20 program continues this year with a full and exciting schedule.

The focus for the next few months will be the members of the City Council. With the successful interview of Council Chair Arnold Morgado completed, the League has scheduled the following Councilmembers for the months to come:

February: John DeSoto & Randall Iwase

March: Marilyn Bornhorst & David Kahanu

April: Donna Mercado Kim & Gary Gill

May: Leigh-Wai Doo & Dennis O'Connor

We anticipate a lively exchange of thoughts. STAY TUNED!

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