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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
People's Water Conference #4
League of Women Voters Presents...
Water for the 21st Century: The Hydrologic Cycle (Martha Black)
Environmental Legislative Network
Initiative Process Conference
Be a Part of the Aloha Voter


Thank you members for your contribution over dues which will go to the ongoing work of the League:

Evelyn Oishi, Joann Green, Bettye Harris, Mary Ellen Reed, Anne Lee, Norman and Terza Meller, Jacklyn Dame, Betty Rogers, Anna Hoover, Jean Ko, Adeline Schutz, and Claudia Patil.

And to former members: Marie Gormaine, Peter Lewis, Alice Kiewit, and Eunice Cing, we thank you for supporting League with a contribution.

Appreciation to these community members who have responded to our direct mail appeal:

Lily Tashima, Hideto Kono, David Benz, Evelyn and Kengo Takata, Bette Tatum, Mary Bitterman, Tatsuo Fujimoto, Tom Gill, Betty Vitousek, Mildred and Richard Kosaki, Jeffrey and Lynn Watanabe, and Tom and Kristi Dinell.


League of Women Voters of Honolulu

President - Arlene Kim Ellis
Vice President - Dorothy Lum
Secretary - Susan MacKinnon
Treasurer - Nadine Taylor
Editor - Jana W. Chang

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