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President's Message

This month we are celebrating the 68th year of the founding of the National League, the 23rd anniversary of the State League and the 40th year since Dr. Alan Saunders and a group of 15 dedicated women established the League of Women Voters of Honolulu.

The Honolulu City Council and the State Senate passed Resolutions honoring the League's 40th Anniversary for which we thank Councilwoman Marilyn Bornhorst and Senator Mary Jane McMurdo.

Last year we celebrated the 40th year of the "conception" of the League with a party that was attended by 6 of the 10 State League presidents and 6 of 22 Honolulu League's past presidents.

Each president had the opportunity to share with us the triumph and/or disaster in her term, This year our theme is to look to the future. The past leaders of the League have led us into making significant inroads into effecting changes in those issues involving ethics and the open-door policy in government, land use planning, housing, transportation and protecting the environment. How do we view the future?

We hope to have a lively exchange of ideas on goals for the immediate future as well as those down the line.

Arlene Ellis

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