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According to The Honolulu Advertiser article (February 20, 1988) the most pressing problem in the city was traffic. There is no wonder. Statistics show an increase in resident population (includes military personnel and their dependents) from 728,300 in 1976 to 816,700 in 1986 while the motor vehicle numbers increased from 416,092 to 568,124 in the same period.

Interestingly, highway fuel consumption increased only 46.6 million gallons in the entire state in the ten year period; 252.1 million gallons were consumed in 1986 on Oahu reflecting part of a 3.5 percent increase over the previous year statewide.*

These surveys and statistics are just part of the review that constitutes discussion at the League's transportation committee meetings.

Currently we are doing "in-house" monitoring of the "staggered work" program recently started by the state. The target group of downtown city and state workers who were "urged" to participate have been asked to adjust their starting work times until after the morning peak traffic period. Excused from participation were those who had conflicts with child care or school starts, and so forth. Affected were roughly 10% of downtown employees.

At this writing one base question is: will the number of cars decrease or just be spread out (to lengthen the peak)? A larger issue is: will any change which occurs be sufficient enough to modify people's life habits that will in turn effect a change in our transportation patterns? Help the committee by noting any changing transportation patterns in your area or in your travels. Send your comments to Opal Sloane, 98-642 Kilinoe, Aiea, 96701.

Join us at Opal's house for our next regular committee meeting on March 25th.

*Annual Economic Report 1987, Bank of Hawaii

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