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President's Report

All too soon the year has come to an end, and there is so much we have yet to do.

This past year we held consensus meetings on: how alternative (choices) could upgrade and reform education for Hawaii's youth; on whether to hold a Presidential Primary election in Hawaii; and whether to hold a non-partisan Board of Education primary election. We also held a consensus meeting on the National program of Meeting Basic Human Needs, and are now in the process of preparing for a consensus on Agriculture.

On the down-side, we testified on the mail-in voter registration bill that died in the legislature; we recommended rezoning the Sandy Beach land for preservation, but the Council approved Kaiser's Sandy Beach Special Management Area permit; we opposed the use of Union Street Mall by a private developer as though he owned it, resulting in a floor area bonus, but the Council passed the development agreement; and we testified with all the Counties against the State's exemption from all County approvals and ordinances in the State housing program, which passed is in the Governor's office for approval.

On the plus side, our channel 20 TV program managed to scoop the media with the "America's Cup" program, the "Impact of Foreign Investments in Hawaii" (twice: once with the original broadcast and once again on a re-run) and got front page coverage of an interview with Arnold Morgado. In August, "Issues at Large' became "The League of Women Voters Presents".

The Voter Service Committee's off-election year seminar "Running to Win" held in November at the UH Campus Center, was once again a great success with plenty of newspaper and TV coverage. One measure of success was the fact that most of the participants stayed through the day with standing and sitting-on-the-floor room only in each of the afternoon sessions. The great buffet arranged by Betty Rogers deserves special mention.

League's other involvements this year included a Safe Drinking Water Survey, the Initiative Forum, the People's Water Conference No. 4, Voter Registration at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu Waterfront "charette", and the National Bicentennial Competition judging the participants of Mock Congressional Hearings.

The former member campaign initiated this year brought 25 new-old members into the fold bringing our total membership to over 275. The continuing efforts of the membership committee will, I have no doubt, allow us to reach 300 by the end of this calendar year. The adage is: Think positive!

This year saw the addition of a Boardroom to our office and a general face-lift of the old rooms. New carpets were installed, drapes cleaned, walls painted and new furniture for our Boardroom donated by Robert Wo of C.S. Wo as well as furniture for the front office and the workroom donated by Peat, Marwick and Main. The extra room is appreciated by all the committees that hold meetings in the office. We have for the first time been able to simultaneously count votes, and hold two separate meetings without falling over each other.

The League of. Women Voters of Honolulu and its founder Dr. Alan Saunders were presented with honorary resolutions by the City Council, the State Senate and the State House of Representatives on the occasion of our 40th anniversary. A fitting tribute to Dr. Saunders who with that first group of fifteen women initiated the year-long process that formally established the League in 1948 and to the many Leaguers past and present who dedicated themselves through their volunteer work to expanding the level of citizen participation in government through study and action.

This coming year in addition to our on-going programs and our new study on initiative and referendum, League will be initiating election-year activities that will entail a lot of people power. We are reviving "Speak Out, Hawaii" and will be spot lighting citizen concerns on two minute TV spots from September 17 to November 8. We are planning debates for candidates running for the offices of Mayor and Prosecutor. We are planning to participate in "Island Assembly" which will be called to order once a week live on TV.

We had a lot going last year, and we have a lot more coming this year. Remember the office telephone numbers and find out the fastest route to the office. There is a special place for you in the League. Let us help you find it.

Arlene Ellis

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