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President's Message

There will be no summer doldrums for the League of Women Voters in this election year. The "Speak Out, Hawaii" committee has been working hard preparing for the TV spots that will be airing on Channel 5 from August 17 to November 8, and despite losing a few members to summertime jaunts, a core group will be on top of the project.

Fifty-one community spokespersons are initially being invited by our coordinators to voice their concerns on issues that they feel should be addressed by candidates for public office.

The Channel 20 crew on "The League of Women Voters Presents" will also be working throughout the summer to present League's monthly programs. This small, hardworking group deserves our support. We urge you to consider being a part of this effort by calling Katy Loew and volunteering for one of the many jobs necessary to put a show together.

We will be putting a committee together to work on the mayoral debate before the end of this month. Interested persons should call the League office immediately.

Arlene Ellis

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