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Reapportionment - Yes!

Equality of representation is a fundamental right basic to the democracy we are fortunate enough to enjoy. It is a principle which the League is committed to for a long time. The proposed Constitutional Amendment will guarantee this right so that we all have an equal voice in our State Legislature. it . will also bring our State Constitution's reapportionment provisions into conformity with United States constitutional law which requires following the one person one vote rule.

Basing redistricting on registered voters (as now in our State Constitution) means we are not following the one person one vote rule. Registered voters are not spread out perfectly evenly throughout society. Wealthy and older population areas tend to have high numbers of registered voters while poorer and younger population areas have fewer.

The proposed amendment also discourages using canoe districts by saying where possible districts should not cross county lines. This recognizes that the one person one vote principle is supreme--canoe districts will occur only if it is impossible to satisfy that rule without them.

The proposal will also delete a requirement for fractional votes for legislatures from any basic island unit allocated less than a minimum of two Senators and three Representatives. That provision was found unconstitutional in 1970 and has never been used.

The State League's publication on Reapportionment is available at the League office for 3.50.

Anne Lee
State President

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