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Initiative & Referendum Study

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii studied and reached a consensus in favor of statewide initiative and referendum in 1977. Now it is time to conduct a similar study on the pros and cons of initiative and referendum at the county level.

The power to change the Honolulu Charter by initiative has been around a long time, and in 1982 a Charter amendment passed which gave the people the additional right to pass ordinances by initiative. We need to look at the types of issues which can be put to a vote of the people--and those which can't. Our study will look at the areas that have been the subject of initiative here and elsewhere in the state and nation. We will also be examining the effects of some of these initiatives and referendums and what the courts have had to, say about them.

Most importantly, we will be asking you what the Honolulu League of Women Voter's position on the subject should be. The study committee will be holding its first meeting soon and we hope that you will join us. Knowldege of the subject is not necessary, just come.

Marian Wilkins

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