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President's Message

The National Convention in Denver was truly an experience of democracy in action. Over 1200 delegates met to make decisions that would determine the budget, bylaws and program for the League for the next two years.

The Treasurer's report was dismal, with a National deficit of over $486,000 and an Educational Fund deficit of over $266,000.

The primary reasons given for the deficit were the addition of an unbudgeted National program, the change-over to a computerized data base system, and replacing mimeograph machines with copiers. The most expensive undertaking was cleaning up the lists we had. Since off the shelf programs could not do the job, new programs had to be written to accommodate the one million names in different categories. Reductions were made in staff and other expenses to barebones levels, but the enormity of the initial filing change-over costs dipped into reserves and forced increases in the PMP's for the next few years to amortize the resulting deficit.

No item was passed over lightly and debate was hot and heavy by informed delegates whose homework was evident, and by some who leaned toward emotions. Many Local Leagues had anticipated the increase and prepared for it with increased dues, as we did in Honolulu, and others planned and carried out fund drives to cover their National PMP and State obligations. Still others refused to face the inevitable and fought bitterly. The debate lasted for days, but at the 11th hour, the National Board's PMP recommendations of a $2.50 increase in 88/89 and a $1.50 increased in 89/90 was accepted, so we were in business again.

During late night and early morning caucuses as well as informal lunch meetings we shared our income productive activity -vote count- with delegates from large and small Local Leagues, and was received with great enthusiasm or a cold uplifted eyebrow.

Each of the 5 Hawaii delegates attended a different Leadership Session. To share our experiences with all members of the League, we purchased 17 audio tapes that cover talks given by Patricia Schroeder, Paul A. Volcker, Nancy K. Austin and Rozanne Ridgway as well as panel sessions on Volunteerism in the 1990's, Positioning the League, Acquisition and Renewal of Members, Influencing Other People, Making Community Change, Go for the Gold, What's Working in the League Today, The Fundraising Letter, Citizen Education on the Bicentennial, National Security, Safe Drinking Water, Meeting Basic Human Needs and How to Establish an Ed Fund.

You are all welcome to come to the office and listen to any of these tapes from Monday through Friday. We suggest you call first.

Arlene Ellis

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