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General Membership Meeting

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On August 20, Ruth Lams will lead a discussion on Star Wars and the controversy regarding its effectiveness as a deterrent as well as a defense from foreign missiles. The meeting will be held at the home of Marian Wilkins, 703 Paopua Loop, Kailua, beginning at 2:00 p.m.

Honolulu League was one of the locals selected to receive "meeting-ready" materials on Star Wars as part of National League's goal of involving as many local leagues as possible in our arms control campaign. Besides a discussion guide and much background information, the kit contains a short video-tape presentation. Ruth Lams accepted the responsibility of studying the material and presenting it at a membership meeting.

"By nature of the technical weaponry involved and because the risk of a nuclear war is psychologically difficult to face, the nuclear arms race can be an intimidating issue. However, there is no need to be an 'expert' on these issues in order to lobby Congress, and that is the fundamental message of these materials."

It was felt that it was time to accommodate our members on the other side of the Koolau Mountains, and Yvonne Kearns graciously offered the home of Marian Wilkins. (Marian's on the mainland but will be back way before the meeting date.) Below is the map to the Wilkin's home.

The meeting will start at 2:00 p.m., refreshments will be served about 3:00 p.m, and the meeting will end at 4:00 p.m. To help us in our planning and preparations, we would like an approximate count of those planning to attend, so please give the office a call within the next couple of weeks.

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