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News Release: Beat the School Jam

State and County transportation officials hope to again "Beat the School Jam" when nearly 250,000 students return to classrooms in late August and early September.

"We were very successful last year in getting everyone's cooperation. and were able to avoid the annual traffic jam that occurs when school starts," state DOT Director Ed Hirata said.

"We would like to repeat that success with the cooperation of the city, the State, the downtown businesses, the unions, the public and private schools, the military and the general public."

The purpose- of the program is to get motorists to adjust their travel schedules to school traffic before school starts.

"Because traffic is lighter during the summer, people tend to leave a little later. When school starts, there will be a lot more cars on the road, and unless people change their commuting habits, we can expect congestion," Hirata said.

Some 43,000 University of Hawaii and Community College students are expected to return to classes on August 22. Most of the 34,000 private schools students will start on August 29. Nearly 166,000 public school students start classes on September 1.

To "Beat the School Jam", motorists are advised to plan ahead and adjust their work and travel hours. Neighbors are encouraged to form car pools for both work and school. Where available, drivers are encouraged to leave their cars at home and ride buses to work. Parents are encouraged to have their children ride school buses.

High school and University students are especially asked to leave their cars at home and carpool to school.

Police officers remind motorists to drive defensively and avoid fender benders which cause congestion. They also remind drivers that it is against the law to block intersections or park in loading zones during peak hours. Tow-away zones will be strictly enforced during the "Beat the School Jam" campaign.

Government employees will be encouraged to make use of flex-time, and private employers are asked to consider more flexible hours for their employees during the campaign to reduce the number of vehicles on the road at peak periods.

The "Beat the School Jam" program will be in effect from August 15 to September 15.

"Beat the School Jam" is sponsored jointly by the State and County Transportation Departments, in partnership with other public and private sector groups, including the Department of Education, Police Departments, unions, trucking companies, construction companies and downtown businesses.

For more information on how you can "Beat the School Jam" pick up a free brochure from your nearest State or County transportation office.

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