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Favorable Reaction to Star Wars Meeting

The members who attended the August 20th meeting on SDI or Star Wars found it very worthwhile (see accompanying story) and left with a feeling of urgency that we do our part to stop its development and deployment.

Ruth Lams did a masterful job of digesting the program-ready material sent by National to selected local leagues, and presenting it at the meeting. Without bewildering us with a lot of complicated technical data, the program focused on the objectives of Star Wars and its flaws and the dangers of pursuing its development.

If enough members who missed this opportunity indicate an interest in a repeat of this program, we might be able to arrange another presentation.

League thanks Ruth Lams for her thorough preparation and her skillful presentation. Our deepest appreciation to Marian and George Wilkins for the use of their home and their video equipment and for the liquid refreshments. The biggest MAHALO to Yvonne Kearns for her part in securing the site and for baking two luscious cakes--a peach "scrumptious" or other and a blueberry cheese cake. The refreshments, by themselves, were worth the trip over the Pali.

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