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Irrefutable Evidence That League Members Are Sensational!

August 22nd was DEBATES ON THE LINE DAY, and well over 100 Honolulu members agreed to participate in the nationwide campaign to secure the participation of Bush and Dukakis in League sponsored debates. The candidates campaign headquarters were flooded with telephone calls from League members across the country urging the two men to accept the League's invitation to go before the nation in non-partisan, substantive debates that would focus on issues, not 30-second media images.

Thanks to League member Barbara Sunderland's generous donation of her Sunderland Smith Research calling center, League volunteers were able to call the entire Honolulu membership on the nights of August 18 and 19, to ask for each members participation in the project.

As President Arlene Ellis (one of the hardy callers) commented.... "The response from the membership was beyond my wildest hope." We heard over and over again, "I'm glad to do that for the League, thank you for calling me". If we didn't reach you, it wasn't for lack of trying; either you weren't home, your line was busy, or we have the wrong telephone number.

A big Mahalo to the members and to the following people for making it all possible:

Arlene Ellis, Dorothy Bremner, Laura Goo, Carol Whitesell, Jerry Hess and Pat Shutt. A special thank you to Barbara Sunderland for the use of her phones.

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