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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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Filling Midterm Legislative Vacancies in Hawaii
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Irrefutable Evidence That League Members Are Sensational!
Neighborhood Commission

Neighborhood Commission

Chair Portnoy introduced newly appointed Commissioner Jessica Lloyd-Rogers whose five year term on the Neighborhood Commission will expire on June 29, 1993.

Ms. Lloyd-Rogers, who was sworn into office on July 14, 1988, is a Council appointee replacing Charlene Hoe. Ms. Hoe's term expired on June 29, 1988. Ms. Lloyd-Rogers is a member and Chair of the Downtown Neighborhood Board.

The Evaluation Committee reported that the analysis of data collected for the Commission's' study on the effectiveness of the Neighborhood Boards and the Neighborhood Plan is projected sometime mid-September. In mid-November, the Committee anticipates the completion of its first draft on the summary of results. The final report is targeted for December, 1988.

Executive Secretary Willie Espero presented the 1989 Neighborhood Board Biennial Elections Strategic Plan Overview to the Commission. One added item to the 1989 election process is the distribution of all election announcement brochures in mid-November to over 200,000 households on Oahu. The election official ballots will reach qualified voters in mid-March and voting will take place up through April 17, 1989. The election results will be announced May 1, 1988 by the Commission, with orientation and installation thereafter.

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