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Amendments Opposed by League Adopted by Commission

In a reversal of present General Plan policies, the Department of General Planning proposed amendments to de-emphasize development of the Second City in Ewa in favor of permitting wide-spread urbanization throughout Central Oahu and Ewa's agricultural areas. These amendments include:

  1. Broadening the "urban fringe" areas encouraged for development to include almost all non-mountainous parts of these two DP areas;

  2. ncreasing the percentage of the island's projected growth which would be accommodated in these areas;

  3. Changing priority in the provision of public facilities to a policy of giving "first priority" without differentiation, to the Primary Urban Center, the Secondary Urban Center, and the urban fringe areas of Central Oahu and Ewa which, as we testified, is "meaningless".

In our testimony at the August 31 public hearing before the Planning Commission, we repeated League's long-held position against changes of this kind, which have been proposed in one form or another every year since 1984.

In an analysis accompanying our testimony we pointed out that even without the increased percentage allocations proposed, enough land had already been DP-designated in Central Oahu to house 25,000 more people than its current population, and that up-dating the projections to 2010, which we supported, would add capacity for another 8,000.

Together with the Second City's allocation of nearly 100,000 additional population to the year 2010, we pointed out, ample land existed under present GP policies to meet the housing need, if private and public developers would get on with the job. We urged that no additional allocations be made until a significant. proportion of housing already approved had been built.

Nevertheless, the Commission adopted the proposed amendments after a hearing in Waipahu on September 13. It is expected that the City Council will begin processing them at their meeting September 21, and the public hearings will be held in October or November.

Astrid Monson
Chair, Planning & Zoning Committee

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