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Constitutional Amendments

Two proposed State Constitutional amendments which will be on the November 8, General Election Ballot are supported by the League of Women Voters of Hawaii. These are proposed amendments No. 2 and No. 7. These proposals read as follows:

#2 Shall the qualifications for voting in the State of Hawaii be changed to eliminate the one-year residency requirement which has been found unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court?

#7 Shall the requirements of minimum representation among basic island units be removed and the basis for reapportionment be changed from a registered voter base to a population base?

The League supports proposed amendment #2 because the one-year residency requirement has been found to be unconstitutional by the courts.

The League urges members to vote yes on proposed amendment #7 to guarantee equal representation. Detailed information on proposed amendment #7 will be included in the next issue of the Hawaii League of Women Voters newsletter.

In addition, the Channel 20 program "League of Women Voters Presents" airing in October will be a discussion of all seven of the proposed amendments to the State Constitution. Moderated by Anne Lee, attorneys Peter Herman, Mark Davis and Alan Burdick discuss each amendment.

Finally, all of the proposed amendments will be included in the October issue of the Voter. A previous issue of the Voter had indicated that there would be four proposed amendments on the November 8, ballot. That article erroneously left out three proposed amendments which had been passed by the 1987 Legislature. Therefore, all of the amendments will be listed in October.

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