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Honolulu Members Asked to Designate Ed Fund Contributions to Alice Scott Fund

The Honolulu League has recently completed a very successful "Speak Out Hawaii" series designed to educate the general public on issues we feel are important to the voters of this community. Unfortunately, one of our sponsors did not donate funds anticipated to. help underwrite the project. As a result, the project's budget is negative by $2000.

The Honolulu League is able however to request funds from the Alice Scott Fund which was established under the same tax-deductible conditions as the General Ed Fund. These funds are for use by the Honolulu League for education projects which meet the legal guidelines set by the IRS. The "Speak Out Hawaii" series represents an education project which meets those requirements..

Since the Alice Scott Fund has been specially designated for use by the Honolulu League, we would like to ask Honolulu members wishing to give tax deductible donations to the Ed Fund for voter education purposes to designate their donation to the Alice Scott Fund. This will insure our ability to continue providing successful education projects such as "Speak Out Hawaii".

Barrie Trebor-MacConnell
Chair, Finance Committee

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