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Planning Commission Drops Blockbuster

In an unprecedented move, the City Planning Commission (CPC) on September 12, not only approved changing the General Plan (GP) to allow 5500 additional homes in Central Oahu as proposed in the Department of General Planning's (DGP) 1988 Development Plan review, but also recommended adding another 10,540 units that DGP had rejected. Together, these proposals would urbanize about four square miles of Central Oahu's mostly prime agricultural land. (There are 8000 homes already approved but unbuilt in Central Oahu and 3000 in Ewa.)

The Planning Commission's action, taken without a public hearing on its additional recommendations was roundly criticized in newspaper editorials and also by Donald Clegg, DGP's Chief Planning Officer. Clegg was quoted in the. press as opposing the CPC's recommendations because "it's going backwards to approve housing first and make the population ceiling whatever that housing requires" adding that "you can't just say those population limits don't mean anything."

In League's testimony before the City Council on September 11-12, we said we totally agreed with Clegg but pointed out that the same reasoning applied to the GP population changes he is proposing to accommodate Mililani Mauka and Village Park extensions.

Testimony at the public hearing was sharply split with developers and the developer-financed Land Use Research Foundation supporting the Planning Commission's recommendations and League, Hawaii's Thousand Friends, and several Neighborhood Board representatives opposing the proposed GP revisions.

The proposals were referred to the Council's Planning Committee chaired by reappointed Councilman Leigh-Wai Doo.

Astrid Monson
Chair, Planning & Zoning

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