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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
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President's Message

Well, our great idea to change the method of dealing with the Teamster's ballot returns by sorting and recording them daily in the office had its pluses and minuses. First the plus.

The tallying of ballots on Friday went very smoothly and efficiently. The 2908 ballots were counted and the master tally completed in record time without the confusion that usually accompanies alphabetizing great numbers of envelopes and recording them on the master roster. The work went so well, that we almost missed lunch.

Now the minus. Help in the sorting and recording did not appear in the office. All the work was done by a couple of people, which meant the necessity of weekend and early evening labor.

We cannot stress too greatly the necessity of League volunteers in helping out with vote counts. Other than the generosity of the Leaguers who contribute over and above their dues, vote counts are the source from which we pay expenses. The rent, utilities, telephone, supplies, publications, maintenance of our office machines, putting out the Voter, our voter service projects such as "The League of Women Voters Presents" on channel 20, "Speak Out, Hawaii" on channel 5, our City programs such as Planning and Zoning, Transportation, Sources and Uses of City Funds, Initiative, our State programs such as "Primary Elections in Hawaii", "Filling Midterm Legislative Vacancies", our National programs such as "Meeting Basic Human Needs", the Agriculture Study, as well as Honolulu's all-important membership maintenance, new and former member membership drives and printing the roster are some of the activities we would have a difficult time continuing without the vote count income.

Our annual dues are used to support the State and National Leagues, and rightly so. We in Honolulu are fortunate that in the early 70's some forward-looking Leaguers hit upon the idea of an income productive activity that is right up our alley. We have throughout the years expanded that income to make it a main-stay rather than a supplement to our budget

On November 11, I am beginning a long-needed six week vacation to London and Athens. I have grave trepidations about this trip because immediately after my return we are scheduled to do the enormous and very important Local 5 vote count. Local 5 is twice the size of the Teamsters, with a very complicated ballot. We will need at least twice the number of volunteers for a much longer period than we had for the recent vote count. Three years ago we took a week to do the mail-out and another week to tally the votes. By streamlining the process, we anticipate a two-day mail out, a three-week sorting process in the office and a two or three day vote count.

We will not be able to accomplish this task with the current level of volunteer help. We must see evidence of a greater commitment by all Leaguers for all phases of this activity for us to sign a contract guaranteeing results. If not, we will have to abandon large vote counts or cut our income by hiring out part of the work. We cannot afford to do this.

Our membership drive is in an expansion mode with a greater goal in mind and a professional approach that will be more costly than the past Xerox look. The plan is exciting and we want to go forward with it, but we must know that the funds are in place.

When the dates for the various phases of the Local 5 vote count is published in the November issue of the Voter, it is my fond hope that the office phones 531-7448 and 537-6267 will be besieged by Leaguers volunteering for one or more days as soon as possible after publication. Try not to wait for that special call from the office, and initiate the call yourself. Even a "maybe" or "I'll try to fit it in" is better than no response.

Aloha, and we'll see you all after Christmas at the Local 5 mail-out.

Arlene Ellis

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