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League Supports Proposed Charter Amendment No. 3

League Supports Proposed Charter Amendment No. 3

Three proposed Charter amendments will be presented to the voters on November 8. They are as follows:

Question 1: Shall the City Charter be amended to establish a citizens advisory commission on civil defense whose purpose shall be to advise the Mayor, the Council, and the Civil Defense Administrator on matters pertaining to civil defense?

Question 2: Shall the City Charter be amended to recite that violations of Charter, Ordinances and Rules of the City and County of Honolulu may, in addition, be punished by civil fines, administratively or judicially imposed?

Question 3: Shall the City Charter be amended to provide that 1991 and every tenth year thereafter shall be council district reapportionment years?

The League supports proposal No. 3 and urges all voters to vote yes. Every 10 years a federal census is taken to determine how many members of the U. S. House of Representatives each state gets. It provides the population figures used for Congressional as well as state and local districts. The Honolulu Charter currently sets district reapportionment in cycles of 8 years which means that if #3 fails, the council redistricting will have to be in 1989. This doesn't make sense since the 1990 census data will reflect our actual population. A yes on #3 makes sense.

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