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Consensus Position - Federal Agriculture Policy

Honolulu LWV has just received the National League's position statement on the two year study adopted by Convention '86. At its October meeting the national board reviewed consensus results submitted by Leagues. in the Agriculture Study. Based on those responses, the board agreed to a new LWVUS position on Federal Agriculture Policy.

According to the memorandum from National, the following position has been adopted.

The LWVUS believes that federal agriculture policies should promote adequate supplies of food and fiber at reasonable prices to consumers, farms that are economically viable, farm practices that are environmentally sound and increased reliance on the free market to determine prices.

Sustainable Agriculture: Federal policy should encourage a system of sustainable, regenerative agricultural production that moves toward an environmentally sound agricultural sector. This includes promoting stewardship to preserve and protect the country's human and natural agricultural resources.

Research and Development: Agricultural research, development and technical assistance should continue to be a major federal function. Resources should be targeted to developing sustainable agricultural practices and to addressing the needs of mid-size farms.

Agricultural Prices: The LWVUS supports an increasing reliance on the free market to determine the price of agricultural commodities and the production decisions of farmers, in preference to traditional price support mechanisms.

Agriculture and Trade: U. S. efforts should be directed towards expanding export markets for our agricultural products while minimizing negative effects on developing nations' economies. Consistent with the League's trade position, multilateral trade negotiations should be used to reduce other countries' ' barriers and/or subsidies protecting their agricultural products.

Farm Credit: Farmers should have access to credit and reasonable terms and conditions. Federally provided farm credit is essential to maintaining the viability of farm operations when the private sector is unable or unwilling to provide the credit farmers need.

Of these policies, the League believes the most essential for the future of agriculture are: encouraging sustainable agriculture; providing research, information and technical assistance to agricultural producers; and increasing reliance on the free market to determine prices.

If you would like a copy of the entire memorandum, please call or come by the League office.

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