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League's series on the members of the City Council culminates with the November program which presents the three most recent members, Rene Mansho, Neil Abercrombie, and John Henry Felix. State League President Anne Lee is moderator. This enthusiastic trio of new council members is full of ideas on what they want the Council to accomplish.

Next month, League begins a series on health care for the aged with "Health Care for the Aged: An Individual's Prevention Perspective." Panelists will be:

Jeanette Takamura, director of the Executive Office on Aging;

Lynette Burns, County Executive Office on Aging with the Office of Human Resources;

Fran Burgess, director of the Healthy Aging Project, a federally funded project under the State Health Department.

The show will be moderated by Sylvia Levy, executive director of the Continental Medical Service, a private concern which provides dialysis services to patients with kidney failure.

Panelists will discuss their projects and address these questions:

  1. How has our understanding of the aging process evolved recently?

  2. How can we prevent age-related problems?

  3. How is the total person affected by aging?

This first program in this series addresses the problem of what you can do for yourself. The next month's program will explore what government might do for you.

Katie Loew, chair of League's community television project, urges members who are interested in becoming involved in this project, and in the process of learning various skills such as camera work, lighting, staging, etc, to contact her at 737-7297. She urgently needs more workers.

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