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Nominations for Board

The State Nominating Committee asks members for suggestions for board leadership for the next two years.

Now is the time for each member and local league boards to submit names for consideration by the nominating committee. Final committee decisions will be made by March so your input is needed now!

Call or write leadership suggestions to the following in care of the Honolulu office -- attn Dee Lum, Chair: Carole Westby, Kiyoko Nitz, Jean Aoki, Marian Hatton.

Needed as your leaders are: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer (singly or a combination), and four Directors for two year terms. Also to be elected will be three nominating committee members.

Off-Oahu members are desired for the board. The board generally meets Friday afternoons and Saturdays to accommodate working schedules

Work of the Board includes: planning for overall state and national programs; study and action on program areas and general League principals; training and development of League leaders; awareness of local league and member concerns; and policy development and funding for projects and tasks.

Mahalo for your help. League leadership is as good as members make....

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