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Proposals for 1989's Program

Our annual Meeting is four to five months away but we need to begin planning for the new year.

By April, our current studies on Initiative and on The Sources and Uses of City and County Funds will have ended. No new National studies were adopted at National Convention so we are in a good position to adopt new studies at both the local and state levels.

All proposals for new Honolulu League studies must be submitted at the December General Membership meeting (see meeting notice on page 1) if they are to be considered at the Annual Meeting. That will be the time to get membership reaction and input before the details are finalized and the proposal submitted to the Board for placement on the Annual Meeting agenda.

Please give some serious thought to proposed studies before the December 10 General Meeting. Call the League office and leave word if you plan to submit a proposal so we can plan time during the December meeting for discussion. Ideas for state studies are also welcome at that time.

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