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Up-Date on City Council

Since the primary election there has been a change of committee chairs and new committees have been added. The committees are as follows:

  1. Arnold Morgado remains Chair of council and John DeSoto is Vice Chairman.

  2. John DeSoto also became chair of Budget and Finance.

  3. David Kahanu went from Public Works to Housing and Community Development.

  4. Gary Gill was changed from Housing to Economic Development and Transportation.

  5. Neil Abercrombie, a new member, has a new committee, Human Services.

  6. Rene Mansho, also a new member, is chair of the Committee of the Whole. This used to rotate each month among all members.

  7. John Henry Felix, a new member, has Public Works.

  8. Leigh-Wai Doo retains the Planning Committee.

  9. Donna Kim retains Zoning.

Parks and Recreation will be part of Human Services and Intergovernmental Relations was dropped.

During 1988 faithful League members attended many council meetings. Both Arlene Ellis and Astrid Monson testified when League wanted to be heard and that was often. Mahalo to all the members who helped by attending meetings.

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