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Membership Recruitment Campaign Planned

A vigorous membership recruitment campaign is being planned for the next few months. The strategy for the campaign has been mapped out by Dee Lum, Pat Shutt and Laura Goo.

Membership packets have been ordered from National, and these accompanied by cover letters will be mailed to targeted individuals. We would like each member to begin scouting for prospective members to add to our list of people to be invited to join League. Membership nomination cards will be sent out with a future Voter for you to fill out.

To give you that added incentive, let us quote from the speech delivered by LWVUS President Nancy Neuman to the delegates at the 1988 League Convention.

"I have come to the conclusion that in large part what we do isn't voluntary anyway; adult Americans cannot leave the functioning of our democratic institutions to someone else. Representative government will not endure if no one is paying attention... It's a question of values, not a choice.

The values with which you view the world are what caused you to join the League of Women Voters. Translating those values to our political system ... has made us the most powerful voice in the nation in promoting an informed electorate and in insisting that our institutions be responsive to the citizens they were created to serve. These shared values mean that our commitment is not voluntary at all; only our time is. There are thousands of others like us, who believe there is no choice between sustaining our democracy or not.

They belong in the League."

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