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President's Message

Happy New Year!

I can't believe I've only been back for three weeks. Of course, jumping right into the Local 5 election brought me down very quickly-and testifying against the General Plan amendments at the Public Hearing in Mililani helped.

Thanks to the capable handling of Jean Aoki and your Board, League ran smoothly despite Jean's terrible problems with her husband's health and unforeseen glitches in the December general meeting site. However, Lloyd if fine now, and all who attended, enjoyed the December program.

Our thanks to the 23 volunteers who came into the office to help handle and sort the 5890 pieces of Local 5 mail--some who took leave from their jobs to help out, and some who worked through the holidays with me. On our "Honor Roll" we place the names: Jean Aoki, Evelyn Bender, Camille Butler, Shirley Cartwright, Jackie Dame, Helen Griffin, Audrey Huter, Yvonne Kearns, Katie Loew, Robin Loomis, Tess Misrasi, Dee Lum, Linda Nagata, Betty Rogers, Pat Shutt, George & Opal Sloane, M. F. Sutphen, Nadine Taylor, Dorothy Turnbull, Mildred Walston, Marian Wilkins and Florence Yee.

The turnout for the Local 5 tally was disappointing in the numbers, but outstanding in effort and out-put. 24 volunteers turned up on the 10th and 19 on the 11th. Thanks to the pre-sorting, 4479 ballots were tallied within the allotted time period with the usual League accuracy. Special thanks to Pat Shutt for talking Anne Lee into experiencing her first vote count. We expect to see more of her. Added to our "Honor Roll" are the names: Bea Bennett, Betsey Essoyan, Linda Chinn, Laura Goo, Anna Hoover, Ah Juk Ku, Anne Lee, Helen Mathews, Betsy McMath, Astrid Monson, Dee Shannon, Edna Shoup and Barrie & Jeanne MacConnell.

Two of our study programs have been completed and are now ready for consensus. Both Committees have spent long hours wrestling over the issues and analysis. It behooves us to read over the material presented carefully and to try to attend the consensus meetings. We appreciate the time and effort expended on these studies and should be willing to spend a couple of hours to come to a consensus, whether it is our favorite subject or not. To date 18 members have signed up for the breakfast meeting on Feb 4. Surely we can increase the number to 30. Call now for your reservation.

Our 4th annual League birthday party originally scheduled .for Valentine's Day will be postponed a few months to enable all members to conserve their energies for the 6 vote counts scheduled through April. By that time, we will have met our Budget obligations, plus picked up the deficit created by our "Speak Out, Hawaii" project.

Arlene Ellis

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