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Vote Count Calendar

As all League vote counters know, the next three months are the heavy vote count period. In anticipation, we ask all Leaguers new and old (in membership years) to bring out their 1989 calendars and mark the following dates:

March 6 - 11 Pearl Harbor FCU
March 11 & 15 Mililani
March 13 - 25 Hawaiian Tel
March 18 Oahu Ed Emp FCU
April 10 - 22 Neighborhood Bd

The dates for Mililani and Hawaiian Tel are tentative. Mililani is considering our recommendation to switch over to a mail-out election. If that happens, we will no longer do the on-site election on the 11th, but will need office mail-sorting help for March 1 to 13.

The Neighborhood Board election is a biggie that requires at least 15 volunteers per day. Last year we handled 70,000 ballots. This year the City anticipates an increase of at least 20,000.

When you get through marking your calendar, CALL THE LEAGUE OFFICE AND VOLUNTEER YOUR SERVICES!

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