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Letter to the League

This letter was received from a fellow Leaguer from Minneapolis who was visiting Honolulu when she read about the controversy surrounding the proposed convention center.

To League of Women Voters of Honolulu,

After reading about the proposal for a convention center on the International Market Place site, I must write to someone to express my dismay. We visit here often, staying in different units but visiting our daughter on Hobron and my cousins living on Lewers.

My first visits were most memorable for our daily jaunts through the Market Place, listening to the mynah birds in the tree tops and browsing through the many fascinating souvenirs, watching the merchants making their candles and jewelry. It is the one place in Waikiki where shops, birds and trees mingle.

With the changes made by the shopping mall and by the Halekulani, the International Market Place is a necessary oasis in the maze of the commercializing of Waikiki. It is the only feature that sets Honolulu apart from any other large city. It is the only sanctuary left as the avenues become overbearingly noisy and polluted with the carbon monoxide of the constant stream of buses and cars.

Already, mainland friends shun Waikiki. They immediately go out to Kauai or Maui. With the removal of the only area unique to Waikiki, this will become merely a business stop for a convention --- people dashing around with attache cases. The hotels will no longer have a tourist trade. The happy vacationer will go to other islands, possibly beyond any Hawaiian isle.

Is this what the hotels want? Are we going to lose the last special area of Paradise Island atmosphere in Waikiki? What have we done to the aura of Hawaiian life the Kamehamehas and the Kapiolanis began in this land of taro, fish ponds, banyan and palm trees?

Virginia Flygare

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