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Testimony on SB 313 Proposing Amendments to Articles VIII and XI of the Constitution of Hawaii Relating to Land Use


February 13, 1989

My name is Marian Wilkins and I am the chairperson of the Honolulu League of Women Voters study on Initiative and Referendum.

The Honolulu League has just completed a study and reached a consensus on the above issues. Our consensus overwhelmingly favors the people's right to Initiative and Referendum on all issues, especially those dealing with land use, planning and zoning.

Our study went into considerable detail on the planning process and how such decisions are made. Pros and cons were discussed at great length. After examining the facts, our members felt that we did indeed need the safeguards of Initiative and Referendum.

We have seen so many instances of poor decisions made by the "experts" that we do not wish to place the fate of our precious land entirely in the hands of elected officials or those hired or appointed by the mayor or governor.

Last January the League of Women Voters co-sponsored an Initiative Informational Forum here at the capitol . One of our guest speakers was attorney Martin Wolff who has extensive experience in land use matters in California. He said that land use decisions are often very political, and that, in his experience, those with the money and influence sooner or later get the zoning they want.

We have seen that this also happens here, and that is why the people must keep what little power they have. The State should not interfere with the City and County Charter! In 1982, through the Initiative process, the people of Honolulu amended the Charter to give themselves the power to initiate ordinances. We urge you not to make a mockery of what they worked so hard to obtain.

Marian Wilkins

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