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President's Message

We apologize for the late date of this issue, but we were trapped in Honolulu Hale's bell tower for two weeks and simply could not find the time or. help to put the Voter together.

The Neighborhood Board election vote count turnout was extremely disappointing. A total of eighteen Leaguers and four friends turned out for the two-week stint. For six of the twelve days we had three or four volunteers at the same time per day. In order to handle the 90,000 odd ballots that came in, a few of us were forced to work twelve to seventeen hours per day.

Fortunately, not too much worse for the wear, we were able to complete the work in the allotted time and put the election to bed at a decent hour on Saturday.

League earned enough from this election to pay the overhead expenses for a year: rent, electricity and telephone. To the twenty-two volunteers-some who worked a few hours, those who came every day and the others who put in long, grueling hours -- we give our inadequate thanks. To the others who should have given a few hours of their time we ask, "where were you?"


Arlene Ellis

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