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Annual Meeting - 1989
Transportation Committee Meeting (Dee Lum & Mildred Walston)
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Observations from the Tower - 1 (Yvonne Kearns)
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More Observations - 2 (Annie Kim)
Don't Save It, Pave It! (Jai Mansson)
Welcome to New Members

Observations from the Tower - 1

Ah-- Vote counts -- the financial backbone of the League.

We need to have a Hand-Soaking Party to relieve the aches and pains of removing an obscene number of ballots from envelopes with so few people. Also manicurist services to repair damaged fingernails and cut fingers.

For pupus -- flavored Tums to relieve too many pizzas and hamburgers eaten as quickly as possible so as to not waste time. For the main course, anything but Kentucky fried chicken! Dessert should be rainchecks for home-cooked meals for husbands who so willingly were dragged to help the few wives who were absent from the hearth. The libation should, of course, be excellent for the non-League friends who were gently coerced into helping because of dire need. The social hour should be billeted into two parts: 1) EYE FOCUS EXERCISE - My eyes will never be the same after squinting for hours hoping to see little rays of light through itsy bitsy holes - and those zillions of colored dots or shards! 2) SIESTA - for the few who were shortchanged of sleep for too many nights. Come and join us the next time -- we promise, "Never a dull restful moment."

Yvonne Kearns

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