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Transportation Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 13, 1989, 9:30 A.M.

Present: Dee Lum, Camille Butler, Shirley Cartwright, Bertha Kon, Mildred Walston

Council Report -- Mildred Walston

Summary of Transportation Committee's agenda included consideration of permitting handivans to load/unload in towaway/metered areas, parking planned for City building project, and bus emissions. Full Council considered lowering speed limit for vehicles permitted on pedestrian malls, participation in Campbell Estate's proposed drag racing facility, and bus fare increases. Re the latter: Regular fare 60G to 75e, Student Pass $7.50 to $11.00, Regular Pass $15 to $24 and Express Pass $15 to $28.

OMPO Report -- Mildred Walston

State Transportation Director's status report on land transportation program.

Announcement that new City Director of DTS, Amar Sappal, will be introduced at OMPO's April 19 meeting.

Legislators reported transportation issues at present session, such

as permitting vehicles containing only 2 persons in H0V lanes, highway financing, mass transit, techniques for reducing traffic pollution, ride sharing.

Additional information provided by former OMPO speaker, Portland's Parking Manager: Portland's 590 buses serve 770 miles and its 26 light rail vehicles move on 15 miles of rail. Average one way traffic into the city is 206,821 and out is 209,302.

Chair's Concerns -- Dee Lum

Bus fare increases: Appropriate city parking fee increases if bus fares increase. Parking fee now low enough to sometimes justify using car rather than bus.

Should senior citizens pay some fare during peak hours? Perhaps offset this with unlimited free transfers.

Evaluate extent of Federal financial assistance vs. requirement that free bus passes be available to all over 65 regardless of residency.

Hirten Report -- Dee Lum

December communication from John Hirten re rapid transit program under his leadership and manner in which Mayor Fasi discharged him and his team.

Staggered Work Report -- Dee Lum

Summary of Lt. Governor's report on staggered work hours experiment. Few noted perceptible change in travel time. Morale problems with non-voluntary. Any program should be voluntary; consider eliminating first come first served parking and monetary or other incentives; shortened week (10 hrs/4 days).

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