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Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization's Citizen Advisory Committee (Mildred Walston)
Welcome New Members
President's Message: Press Release from the Steps of City Hall (Arlene Ellis)
Neighborhood Boards and Neighborhood Plan Study (Mildred Walston)
Municipal Reference and Records Center
Melveen Leed Concert Show
Peace Events
League on "Dialog"

Municipal Reference and Records Center

E. Lokahi Kakou: With One Strength Working Together - Published by the Honolulu Neighborhood Commission Office.

Kapolei Update - Published by the Estate of James Campbell to "keep you up to-date on what's happening and what's coming up in Ewa."

OIP Openline - Published by the Hawaii Office of Information Practices (01P) "to share information about the Uniform Information Practices Act, the OIP and how the new law affects you."


-Controlling transit bus emissions and improving management. National Research Council. Transportation Research Board. 1988. TE7/H5/no.1164

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-Transportation and land development. Stover et al. 1988. HE335/S76

Traffic study for a zoo. IN: ITE Journal, v.59/no.3, March 1989.

User fees, once the answer to city budget prayers, may have reached their peak. IN: Governing, v.2/no.6, March 1989.

Will municipal golf find financial happiness? IN: Golf Journal, v.42/no.2, March/April 1989.


-Elderly housing: a guide to appraisal, market analysis, development, and financing. Gimmy, et al. 1988. HD7287.9/G48

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-Personnel practices for the '90s: a local government guide. Matzer. 1988. JS358/P47


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-Honolulu waterfront master plan: pre-final report. Helber, et al. Jan. HE560/H65/H4 1989.

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