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President's Message:
Press Release from the Steps of City Hall

Twelve years ago Oahu adopted a general plan which called for "preserving and protecting" the island scenic views, especially those seen from heavily travelled areas.

Seven years ago Oahu adopted a development plan which provided that "no development shall be permitted that would block important, public views".

Two years ago the League of Women Voters called upon the Council to change the zoning of Kaiser's golf course 5 and 6 site to preservation. It failed to do so.

One year ago Marilyn Bornhorst introduced a bill for an ordinance to accomplish this purpose. The Council again failed to act.

Last fall, by an overwhelming majority, the voters of Oahu did the job themselves by initiative. Kaiser, however, claims that initiative in land use matters are invalid and the matter is now before the State Supreme Court.

We do not feel that this is any excuse for further inaction. The Council and the Mayor should settle the matter right now by enact ing bill 170. The court can make its decision at its convenience. As the city's corporation council pointed out in the trial, there is nothing to prevent court decisions even on moot matters, especially since the issue is bound to come up again and again.

Millions of dollars in tax costs and untold hours of effort have been spent on this matter. Had the city government acted on this, as it should have 12 years ago, or 7 years ago, or 2 years ago, or even one year ago, these unnessesary dollars and efforts would have been saved.

It is time to stop stalling and at long last to implement the island's duly adopted plans and the unmistakeable will of its people.

We call upon the Council to adopt bill 170 and upon the Mayor to approve it at once.

Arlene Ellis

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