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Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization's Citizen Advisory Committee (Mildred Walston)
Welcome New Members
President's Message: Press Release from the Steps of City Hall (Arlene Ellis)
Neighborhood Boards and Neighborhood Plan Study (Mildred Walston)
Municipal Reference and Records Center
Melveen Leed Concert Show
Peace Events
League on "Dialog"

Welcome New Members

Linda C. Fulp
Donna B. Coonse


Thank you members for your contribution over dues
which will go to the ongoing work of the League:

Edna Shoup
Pat and Ken Shutt
Carol and Craig Whitesell
Opal Sloane
Marion Saunders
Marian and George Wilkins
Grace Furukawa
Laura Ray Goo


Riki Cheever
Sandra Duckworth
Nan Luter
Mary Jane McMurdo
Charlene Unoki


League of Women Voters of Honolulu

President - Arlene Kim Ellis
Vice President - Jean Aoki
Secretary - Maryrose McClelland
Treasurer - Yvonne Kearns

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