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Letter to the Editor: Re: Diamond Head Preservation

I have been a member of the SAVE DIAMOND HEAD Association since 1973, shortly after League adopted its position at the 1973 Annual Meeting: "The League of Women Voters supports the preservation of Diamond Head as a historical, cultural and scenic site, with minimum development of the Diamond Head area, and with the residential area on the makai side of Diamond Head eventually converted to park use."

In 1977 League's proposed program stated: "Diamond Head: Drop the specific position statement adopted in 1973. Promote action on Diamond Head and other specific areas within the broader objectives expressed in our planning position."

I have continued my membership with S.D.H.S. these many years as an individual.

Over the years SAVE DIAMOND HEAD has fought against many developments which we felt were inappropriate to the area. We have not been concerned solely with the crater, but have been monitoring the entire area which we considered the environs, including the Aquarium and Kapiolani Park. We were involved in the planning of the Diamond Head State Park in the late 1970's with several of us serving on the Citizen Advisory Committee during the planning process.

Looking back over the past 10 years or so, I recall many projects which we have resisted, only one of which went ahead anyway, the Community College (which thanks to their sensitive treatment turned out to be less of ,a detriment to the area than we had feared). We have campaigned against: a tramway to the summit, a government Forestry building, a golf course, a permanent home for rock concerts, commercial facilities in the part at the Zoo and the Shell; and most recently (1986-88) a tennis complex of 16 championship courts, a 4,000seat stadium, swimming pool, restaurant, clubhouse, and parking for 150 cars. Fortunately, none of these have come to fruition.

Our current campaign is against the proposed expansion of a permanent film facility on the slopes of Diamond Head. At our last meeting on June 27, when we were discussing prominent organizations as possible allies, the question was asked: "How does the League of Women Voters feel on this subject?" I decided to find out by asking the membership to respond to this question.

SAVE DIAMOND HEAD feels strongly that a permanent commercial film studio is definitely inappropriate for the area. Luci Pfaltzgraff's "Viewpoint" in the Star Bulletin (6-22-89) covers the issue more fully than I could -- she has been the Diamond Head Chair of the Outdoor Circle for the past 25 years, and is an authority on the subject of preserving our most famous landmark, and has been a pillar of SAVE DIAMOND HEAD since its inception in 1968. I can do no better than to pass on to you her "Viewpoint" which is found on the next page. I also have in my file, or can obtain for you, more information on both sides of the question, for anyone interested in deeper research on the subject. We are in no way opposing a film industry being developed in Hawaii. Just not on Diamond Head.

Mildred Walston

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