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President's Message

The Honolulu Board in an unprecedented move unanimously moved to support the newly formed non-profit, non-partisan organization called THE PUBLIC REPORTER with a donation of $500 to help them publish and distribute to the voters a report on how the Legislature operated, to publish a voting record and to publish other matters of public record.

The sole purpose of the organization is to provide information to the voters about the Legislature to encourage voter interest and input into the workings of their elected government. The organization is not a lobby group. It will not support or oppose any specific candidate for public office. It will gather and analyze information and issue a report to the voters

This activity is close to the heart of League. We would have loved to have had the person power to monitor the last session of the Legislature as did the volunteers who helped with this project, to have had the contacts necessary to lead us to the sources of information, or to have had the expertise to analyze the information and put it into the form of a report for the voters.

Only an informed electorate can make intelligent choices in an election. It is long past the time when the voter should find out whether campaign promises have been kept. Elected officials should be kept honest and made to answer to their actions.

Public accessibility to the operation of the Legislature is in need of a giant overhaul. League, together with other organizations is working toward making that possible. In the meantime, THE PUBLIC REPORTER is a long-needed first step toward supplying the voters information they should have access to, that hopefully will make a determination in their actions at the polls.

We urge all Leaguers to support THE PUBLIC REPORTER whose aim on the first go-around is to distribute their information to every registered voter on Oahu, and later expand to all the islands. A fundraiser is being held on Tuesday, August 15 from 5 to 7 p.m. at St. Peter's Episcopal Church Parish Hall on Queen Emma street. The price per ticket is $25 for stew and rice, dessert and light refreshments. We'll meet you there. Use the order form printed below, or call the League office at 531-7448.

Enclosed is a check for $ for tickets.




Work Phone: Home Phone:

I cannot attend but I want to be a member: Single membership $5:
Family membership $10:
Sponsor $100: I do not want to he a member or a sponsor but enclosed is my donation of $____

Return to Public Reporter, P.O. Box 479, Hawaii 96809
Phone: (808) 737-6136   Patsy T. Mink, President

Arlene Ellis

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