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President's Message (Arlene Ellis)
Roe v. Wade
Supreme Court Decision May Have a Chilling Effect
General Membership Meeting
Councilman Gary Gill on Downtown Heights and Rail Transit
Rosalie Goodman Internship Program
Dialog - Honolulu: How High?
Letter to the Editor: Re: Diamond Head Preservation (Mildred Walston)
Studio threatens vow to preserve Diamond Head (Luci Pfaltzgraff)
LVW Presents
Dialog - "Brain Drain"
Kate Kortschak
1989-90 Roster


The right to privacy was analyzed by the President's Commission on Science and Technology in 1972 as follows:

Privacy is the right to live one's life in one's own way, to formulate and hold one's own beliefs and to express thoughts and share feelings without fear of observation publicly beyond that which one seeks or acquiesces in. The claim to privacy is fragile, but persistent; it is as subtle and powerful as the need for personal dignity; it is a fundamental aspect of individual freedom and worth.

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