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Campaign Reform

League President Nancy M. Neuman welcomed President Bush's leadership on reforming campaign finance rules, however, feels "the proposals fall far short of what's. needed to-protect against special interest influence and ensure fair political competition."

President Bush's proposal would eliminate political action committees (PACs) sponsored by unions, corporations and trade associations, prohibit candidates from turning excess campaign funds to personal use, ban the rollover of campaign funds from one election to the next and limit the congressional franking privilege. The President's plan would strengthen the role of political parties by increasing the amount that they can contribute to campaigns.

In addition to the President's plan to require the disclosure of soft money spent on federal elections, League feels that the amount of soft money contributions should be limited. Also, League questions whether PAC influence could be substantially reduced without any aggregate limit on candidates' total PAC receipts.

A bipartisan task force, led by Reps. Al Swift (D WA) and Guy Vander Jagt (R MI) is preparing a proposal for campaign reform.

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