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President's Message

Now that the Summer hiatus is about over and the vacationers are slowly returning, we can once again get back into the business of League.

Your Board with almost a full complement met faithfully each month to act on the various activities of League. The September 9 General Meeting to be held at Hale Koa Hotel is an ambitious beginning of monthly meetings being planned for League that warrants the attendance of each member. Notice was given early in the hopes that responses would come in early.

Arrangements for the use of commercial facilities must necessarily be made months in advance. In instances where food service is involved, estimates of attendance are required several weeks in advance to enable the commercial establishment to keep in reserve enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably. These are the reasons we urge all members and guests to make their reservations as soon as possible.

The tentative topics scheduled for membership meetings are, "Child Care" for October and "Rapid Rail Transit" for November.

Once again League testified in opposition of the "Kipapa Ridge Subdivision Project" nee "Waiola Estates", proposed by the City for development in Central Oahu. As in our testimony in 1986, we cited the reasons we felt this project should be situated in Ewa where density could be higher, land and infrastructure costs cheaper, traffic and transit easier to handle and the proximity to employment would all be inducements to leave the Central Oahu acreage green and in productive agricultural use.

Interestingly, the audience was about equally divided, pro and con, by the time League testified. We were the 21st among the 69 signed up to testify. Of the 11 that opposed the project, 5 testified that the project should be developed in Ewa and 6 cited the importance of agriculture and open space for Central Oahu. 4 members of the Builders Association and 5 residents of the area opted for development and affordable homes. One would support if the project was completely restructured.

League recognizes the great need for affordable housing on Oahu. We feel that if the City would require some of the 30,000 homes already approved for affordable housing to be built rather than stock-piling more land approvals for housing, some of the affordable housing needs could be met.

Arlene Ellis

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