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100 volunteers are needed to help assemble the 20-page booklet which THE PUBLIC REPORTER is publishing and mailing (for free) to 100,000 households with at least one voter, and prepare the mail-out. All Leaguers who have helped on vote count mail-outs, know the enormity of this task, and the desperate need for many hands.

The date is Saturday, October 7 at 1426 North School Street, on the second floor of the United Public Workers building where many Leaguers have counted votes. Work will begin at 9:00 a.m. Lunch will be provided, so it is important that you fill in and mail the form below.

This major effort is a once a year project for THE PUBLIC REPORTER. When it hits this town, it will be well worth the effort -- and we can all say -"WE DID IT!" So, bring all your friends, neighbors and relatives and we'll see you so Saturday, and maybe on Sunday, too.

Dear Patsy:

I will come to help on October 7, 1989 from _____ am to

_____ pm. I will _____ stay for lunch.

I will bring _____ friends, relatives, neighbors, etc to help

with this project. They will _____ stay for lunch too.

I can come on Sunday, October 8th from _____ am to

_____ pm. I will bring _____ friends, relatives, neighbors with

me to help too. We will _____ stay for lunch.

Print your Name: _____ Address: _____

Home phone: _____

Mail this form to : Patsy Mink, P.O. Box 479, Bon, Hi 96809 DEADLINE: Must be received by Patsy by October 5. Mahalo

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