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President's Message

The positive responses League received to our meeting on "The Right of Privacy in Making Reproductive Choices" was heart-warming. 45 members with as many guests representing various organizations enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and was enlightened by 4 excellent speakers. As a direct result of this event, our membership was increased by 7 new members who we hope to get immediately involved.

The week of the meeting was an ulcer-producing, heart-stopping, white-knuckle experience. We had 5 speakers scheduled, resumes collected, and positions of speakers determined. Then the maelstrom began. First, Pam Vessels, our clergy representative mistook the date and scheduled Friday afternoon to leave town. Our meeting of course, was being held on Saturday morning. We made a mad scramble for a pro-choice substitute clergy. The next call was from Barbara Warkus, to apologize because she had to perform surgery on Saturday morning that could not be delayed. Getting another physician with a pro-choice bent to substitute in a day was a monumental task considering the fact that most doctors held office hours on Saturday morning.

We finally got the Reverend Ashon Nelson to speak for the clergy and shortly before 8 Saturday morning we prepared to set up for the meeting. Unfortunately we could not find another physician, so we changed the head table seating arrangement to accommodate 4 speakers.

3 speakers had arrived by 8:30. The program was scheduled to start at 9. By 8:45 our first speaker was still missing. I sent Jim Koshi out to phone Hale Kipa and find him. Jim came back and said he was not coming. A fast trot, and I was on the phone telling Sam Cox I could drive from Kailua in 15 minutes, and I was giving him 30. 35 minutes later Sam Cox arrived and the meeting went on to a roaring success. I don't remember eating breakfast.

Arlene Ellis

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